Websites: from Curb Appeal to Content

Appearance and curb appeal

If you're selling your house, you''ll hear about curb appeal. Your house and your yard need to look attractive at first glance. An unappealing exterior color or an overgrown garden will cause some drive-by potential buyers to keep driving.

Your website needs an online type of curb appeal. When people arrive at your website, they'll decide within a few seconds whether to stay and read or turn around.

Avoid these mistakes:

  • Color choices that are unattractive or don't support the purpose of the site
  • Cluttered or confusing layout
  • Font that's too small to read or doesn't contrast well with the background
  • Grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors
  • Unclear page purpose
  • Poor readability: no subheads and too-long sentences and paragraphs


Imagine being a prospective buyer, walking through a house, and coming to a door that wouldn't budge. If the owners hadn't made sure that people could navigate through their house, what else didn't they do? Chances are that you'd be heading out to look at the next house for sale.

Beyond looking good, websites also need to work for their visitors. Broken links and poor navigational aids may keep people from getting around on your site.

WordPress websites

I create designs for WordPress websites because they have good structure and a lot of potential. Because I know web design and color principles, I can design WordPress sites with good curb appeal. Because WordPress is designed for people without a design background to be able to use, you'll be able to maintain a site I design after I pass it on to you.

Website content

Having found good curb appeal and a good structure, prospective buyers are exploring the house. How many bedrooms does it have? Has the kitchen been updated recently? Is the interior inviting enough to make them want to stay?

Good website content will also share with your visitors about the benefits and features of what you have to offer. Really good website content will make you feel good about it.

In addition to being a WordPress site designer, I'm a professional web content writer. After getting site visitors in the door with an attractive web design, I use web page content techniques to communicate with your target audience and help solve their problems.

Putting it together

If you'd like to talk about your website design or content, please contact me.

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