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I'm not a web host. But I've done a lot of work in the web hosting industry, and I know a lot of web hosting companies. There are thousands to choose from. All it takes to start one is a reseller account, a domain name, and a website.

Web hosts not to choose

Personally, I'd avoid a lot of web hosts, including many well-known ones. If they appear on various "Top Web Hosts" lists online, someone almost certainly paid for them to be on those lists. If they offer ridiculously low pricing, you can't count on them being able to sustain their business for long. I'd also rule out those whose owners or other representatives have used questionable practices to try to attract new clients.

Some web hosting companies with good reputations developed poor reputations after a larger company purchased them. One company in particular is known for buying other web hosting companies. The company then overcrowds the servers and reduces customer support to maximize profits. Quite a few big names in the web hosting industry are now under the management of this company.

My web host recommendation

So, who do you choose? I can't name all the good companies out there, but fortunately, there are plenty of good ones to choose from. Since I offer web development and website maintenance services, I'll suggest a good web hosting company I know: Hawk Host. A medium-sized company with servers in several US locations, they have an excellent reputation in the web hosting industry. Based on my experience with them, they have good uptime and good support. They also have very reasonable prices.

What I can do for you

If I'm developing your WordPress site for you, I can also set up your web hosting account for you, with Hawk Host or with another web host if you prefer.


The links on this page to Hawk Host are affiliate links. I recommend this company because of my experience with them and because of their reputation. I'd still recommend them if they didn't have an affiliate program. Since they do have one, I decided to use it in my links on this page.

The links to Hawk Host are the only affiliate links on this site.

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