Web Content Overview: Formats, Strategies, and Marketing

Web content is online in a variety of formats, for example:

Unlike printed content, web content is interactive. Readers can share it and comment on it. Also unlike printed content, web content can be modified easily long after it's originally published.

Web content strategies

Having a plan or strategy behind your content development will guide you in publishing content that gets you the results you want.

As your starting point, you need to know the audience you're writing for. What interests them? What motivates them? Write for them.

Study traffic analytics and social media likes and shares to see what types of content perform the best. Tweak your current content and your content plans accordingly.

You also have search engines to consider. While writing for people first, you need to give search engine bots what they're looking for. Do keyword research (see search engine optimization) and use relevant keywords in the right places. This important step helps search engines bring your target audience to you.

Also look for content gaps. What would your target audience like to read about that isn't at your site? Study keyword phrases that are similar to the ones that bring visitors to your site, and study the competition. Look at what your followers on social media respond to and share. Most of all, know your niche and what's new or trending in it.

Now you're getting more visitors to your site. Are you getting more conversions? Factors that cause site visitors to lose confidence include over-the-top claims, too many exclamation marks, too many ads, grammar or spelling mistakes, and unclear content. Look through your content to fix problems, add clarity, and check that you have calls to action in appropriate places.

While you're doing all this, key themes will emerge. Focus on them as you plan topics, writing style, tone, and publishing schedule.

Web content marketing

When you give people content that has value to them, they'll want to come back to read more.

In addition to search engine optimization, social media marketing is increasingly a key part of marketing web content. Whenever you publish new content on your website, share it via social media sites.

Building a mailing list is another way to market your content and your services. Share new content via newsletters to bring subscribers back to your site.

Getting it done

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