Press Releases

Press release uses

Until relatively recently, press releases (also called news releases) were just a means to get information about newsworthy stories to the media. With online distribution of press releases and media sections on websites, today's press releases can go further.

Like blog posts and other web pages, press releases can bring more traffic to your site. Press release writers should write them for the audience that may find the news relevant as well as for the media. Share them on social media sites and in blog posts. Include images and calls to action in the posts to draw more attention to them. Optimize them for search engines.

Press release topics

With the increased exposure that press releases can bring, many people are writing and distributing press releases about topics that aren't necessarily newsworthy. These press releases look more like spam than news and can hurt your brand.

For ideas for newsworthy press releases, see PRWeb's list: Great Press Release Topics — Find Your Inspiration.

Press release format

By convention, press releases follow a format. It includes a headline, contact information, the date, a lead paragraph that summarizes the story, several paragraphs that answer the basic questions about the topic, and a closing line.

The tone should be objective. Press releases should not sound like an ad. They're written in the third person, and they often include a quote from a key person in the organization. The quote should convey more information. The content should all be news.

Press releases are rarely more than one print page long. Since they're usually online too, they typically include relevant keywords. Some press release publishers tag press releases with keywords from the content to help them appear in search results.

Press release writer: writing a press release

Writing a press release requires a fair bit of information gathering first. The information about your company or organization will be more or less the same with each press release. Because of this, I offer one rate for the first press release I write for you and a lower rate for subsequent press releases.

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