Marketing, Publicity, and Branding

Publicity, marketing, and branding: what's the difference?

Let's say that you design and sell recyclable widgets, and you just won an industry award for this eco-friendly product. You get a press release written and sent out about this award. That's publicity. You include award-winning widget and recyclable in print publications and web pages about this product. That's marketing. When people think of your product, they remember that it's recyclable and that a responsible company stands behind it. That's branding.

To varying degrees, most of the services I offer at this site can be considered publicity or marketing. To stay relevant, you need to inform people about your business or organization. Newsletters and websites provide information and publicity. The message, the tone, and the design contribute to branding.

Marketing and publicity services

The services in this section are focused on promoting your message to your target audience. Press releases have been a publicity tool for many years. They used to be sent to media outlets only, but the Internet has provided more options. Now you can also publish press releases on your website and share them via social media. Implementing search engine optimization techniques helps your target audience find them online.

Social media marketing has marketing right in its name. It's also publicity. You share news, new content, and (depending on the social media platform) interesting posts by those you follow. You engage with your audience. You give your company or organization a social media voice.

When you post or tweet about special offers, you're using your social media presence for marketing.

Autoresponder emails offer a variety of ways to reach your target audience via email. Your subscribers signed up for your services or mailing list, so they're interested in hearing from you.

Mailing lists are the mechanism to send out your autoresponder emails or newsletters. I don't provide mailing lists, but I know them, and I can help you use them.

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