Informational Materials

How information is presented makes it more accessible, more interesting, more relevant, and more memorable — or not.

This website section focuses on the following ways of presenting information. With all of these, content (writing and editing) and design work together.


In addition to being a vehicle to disseminate information, newsletters provide a way to connect with your audience. Print newsletters fill a void created with so much of our information online. They're something you can touch, and they're often about a community of sorts. E-newsletters can disseminate information more quickly, and online reporting tools provide insight into performance and trends.

Educational materials

Many of us are students for life, so educational materials are used for adults as well as for younger students.

While fill-in-the-blank and multiple choice worksheets still have their place, good educational materials can do much more. They can present information clearly, provide learning tasks, and engage users.

Training manuals

Whether they're user guides for reference or step-by-step guides in a course, good training manuals can help individuals and groups work more effectively with less learning time required.

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