Educational Materials: Writing, Editing, and Design

Teachers need educational materials. Course instructors for courses on almost every topic need educational materials. Creating quality materials to use for teaching requires writing and layout skills plus an understanding of how people learn.

When I was an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher, I spent a lot of time looking online for teaching materials to use, from worksheets to classroom activities. When I found something I could use, I often had to correct the grammar or punctuation. I also often changed how it appeared on the page to make it look more professional and engaging.

Eventually I started creating my own teaching materials. Since becoming a professional writer, I've used those skills to create or edit educational materials for clients.

You might be looking for help to improve existing educational materials. Or you might need someone to create a handout, a curriculum, or something between those two. Let me put my writing, editing, design, and teaching experience to work for you. Contact me to discuss what you need.

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