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Using WordPress for your website

If you already know what WordPress is, see WordPress website design. The description below is for people who aren't familiar with WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular content management system on the Internet. Close to a quarter of all websites now online run on WordPress, including this site.

Much of its popularity comes from the ability to do most updates without knowing any website coding. You log in to the admin panel, you add a new page or post or go to an existing one, and you type. Formatting buttons above the text box help you add bulleted lists, bolding, and other formatting.

In its earlier days, most WordPress sites were blogs, with each new blog post appearing at the top of the home page. Now, a blog is only part of many WordPress sites. Some WordPress sites don't have a blog at all. With WordPress, you can have pages that stay in place, posts that are organized in blog categories, or both.

Thousands of plugins are available to add website options, for example, image sliders, e-commerce integration, calendars, and contact forms. Plugins can also add increased functionality such as security protection, backups, improved page load time, and easier search engine optimization (SEO).

WordPress software is open source, meaning that it's free to use. Many available themes, which determine appearance and layout, are also free. To customize a theme to your needs beyond basic tweaks requires an investment of time to learn basic web design. Knowledge of WordPress and web design helps you choose from and implement WordPress options that would be best for your site.

Alternatively, you can hire someone with years of experience working with WordPress — and then you'll have a site that you can maintain with much less to learn first.

Is a WordPress site the right choice?

Websites for any purpose can be built with WordPress. If you want a personal site, a small business site, a portfolio site, a church or other community group site, or any other site that provides information online, WordPress will work for it.

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