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Why you're here

Do you want the words you publish to get better results?

Do you want your newsletter, website, or other materials to clearly inform, persuade, or help other people? Would you like to increase your audience through better content, design, and publicity?

Perhaps you just need help getting started. Or perhaps you want a professional writer to handle it all for you.

What I do

I work mainly with small businesses and nonprofits and sometimes with individuals.

I provide writing, editing, and design services with options I'd be looking for if I didn't have my skills and knowledge. My clients typically want a professional to do one or more of the following:

If you're looking for help launching your newsletter or website, I'll work with you to create what you want. Afterwards, I can provide you with a detailed guide on how to continue producing professional-quality content for it. If you need help after that, I'm available as a consultant and for ongoing work.

See the links below for some of the other ways that I can help you. When we have a working arrangement, I'll get to know your organization and your needs. We can develop the momentum to keep it moving forward. I'll make your workload lighter as I create quality publications tailored for you.

The next step

Contact me about your project. I'll be happy to discuss your needs with you and give you a quote.